Harkness Fellows – insights from the USA

A report-back session live via Zoom

The Harkness Fellowships Trust and Fulbright New Zealand invite you to tune in for a Zoom webstream featuring insightful presentations from our three most recent Fellows, who spent time in the US, pre Covid-19, researching some of the biggest issues facing society.

In this report back session you’ll find out about the research our Fellows undertook in the US and how the insights they gained could inform policy and practice here in New Zealand.
Where: Via this Zoom link 

When:Thursday 18 June at 4pm – 5.15pmWhat: Three brief video presentations followed by Q&A.

This Harkness report back session features…

Joe Beaglehole Senior Analyst at the Ministry for the Environment, spent three months at the Marron Institute at New York University researching tools and institutions to better accommodate rapid urban growth. He’ll discuss the insights he gained into land use regulation and urban policy and what they mean for New Zealand.

Donna Provoost, Director – Strategy, Rights & Advice at the Office of the Children’s Commissioner, was hosted by the Harvard University (Center for the Developing Child) and the University of Oregon (Center for Translational Neuroscience). She explored approaches to improving child wellbeing, particularly related to their sense of belonging, identity and agency.  and met with over 150 people in university and research organisations, NGO think tanks and service providers, community leaders, and yes, even young people.

Doug Jones, former Manahautū (General Manager Māori) at the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) and current Chief Executive of Ngāi Tāmanuhiri Iwi, was based at Massachusetts Institute of Technology exploring the environmental trade-offs, and costs that need to be considered when introducing new technologies (such as gene editing) to protect native species. He’ll outline lessons from the US experience for New Zealand’s own approach to emerging technologies.