The purposes of the Fellowship are to:

• Reinforce New Zealand-United States links by enabling actual or potential leaders and opinion formers in New Zealand to benefit from new ideas, practices and new contacts in the US;

• Increase the Fellow’s ability to bring about change and improvements in New Zealand;

• Help improve the cross-fertilisation of ideas and experience between New Zealand and the United States; and

• Build a leadership network on both sides of the Pacific, encourage ongoing exchange between New Zealand and the United States and establish enduring relationships offering reciprocal benefits to both countries.

This award is not intended for a long programme of formal graduate study, nor is it intended for faculty/academics to conduct academic research.

Applications are open to men and women in any field of study or vocation. There is no fixed age limit but preference is given to applicants in the 25-45 year age range.

Eligibility Requirements and Personal Attributes

To be eligible for the New Zealand Fulbright-Harkness Fellowship, applicants must:

• have a degree or an equivalent qualification conferred by a professional body, and an outstanding record of achievement in their own professional career;

• not have held another Fulbright award in the past two years, and otherwise comply with the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board’s policy on Previous Fulbright Grants;


• be a New Zealand citizen (those holding US citizenship or US residence permits are not eligible) who is currently resident in New Zealand.

The Selection Committee seeks the following attributes for award of a fellowship. Applicants need to:

• demonstrate exceptional personal and intellectual qualities and a record of achievement and leadership;

• be interested in learning from their experiences in the US and be capable of putting whatever lessons they have learned into effective use back in New Zealand;

• show promise of continuing to provide leadership in their field and a commitment to increasing international understanding; and

• have the ability to be a cultural ambassador for New Zealand.

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